mandag 1. oktober 2012

New photos of the A-litter









More photos under their individual pages and NEWS.

mandag 24. oktober 2011

New photos of the puppies!

The puppies are now 16 weeks, and their pages are updated with new photos taken by their humans.

onsdag 28. september 2011

12 weeks

Bani and Djerat's puppies are 12 weeks and we have updated with new photos of all the pups.

fredag 26. august 2011

Time for goodbyes....

The puppies turn 8 weeks this weekend, and one by one they will move to their new homes. It is with a mixed feeling of sadness and joy we see our little ones leave the nest. We are so proud of every single pup, they are small personalities, every one with their own uniqueness. Bani-Bangou and her human pack have succeeded in giving the puppies the best possible start in life. The continous early socialisation has resulted in confident, exploring, happy, life-affirming pups.  They are now ready to continue this process toghether with their new families. We are so happy that we have found such great homes for all the puppies. We wish the puppies and their families the best of luck,- and please report home from time to time :-)

Adiza stays with us <3